2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera
2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera
2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera
2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera
2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera
2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera

2K Dash Cam WiFi Car Camera

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Description :

Introducing our state-of-the art Night Vision Dash Cam, designed to provide unparalleled safety on your journeys, day or night. Thanks to its advanced night vision feature, this dash cam delivers crystal-clear footage even in low-light conditions, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Equipped with a generous 1GB of memory, this dash cam easily captures and saves all your driving adventures. Whether you're capturing scenic drives or important shots for insurance purposes, you'll have plenty of space to record your travels.

With multiple color options available, including FRONT2160P, FRONT1080P, FRONT1080P and REAR 480P, and FRONT1440P and REAR 1080P, you can choose the configuration that best suits your needs and preferences.

Official standard accessories are included, ensuring you have everything you need to safely set up your dash cam and start recording your journeys straight away.

Enhance your driving experience with our Night Vision Dash Cam and enjoy enhanced safety, clarity and convenience on every drive.


Packing list:
Dashcam X1PCS
Dashcam + rear camera X1PCS

Customer Reviews

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Great camera, I am loving thi...

Great camera, I am loving this little camera. The image quality for the price of the camera is remarkable, both for video and snap shots. Overall the quality seems smooth and not to jumpy. It look great, both at night and daytime use. Setting up the camera was simple overall with getting it more level on the windshield.

Very prompt delivery. Excelle...

Very prompt delivery. Excellent value for money. The dash cam was very easy to install and use, it took twenty minutes to install. The picture quality is fantastic even when using the split screen mode. 😁

"Must have for all motorists!...

"Must have for all motorists! Good picture quality Easy to install Easy to use."

"So I got this cause I was go...

"So I got this cause I was going to be commuting few states away and the way people drive I wanted one for a while. This one with the inside camera for when I do ride shares or to kind of see out back if someone came close etc. Anyways I set it up on a time lapse that does clips every xx seconds you want it. So it did a cool time lapse video shorter than the drive so saved on the memory card space. Its pretty clear and when im following someone I can clearly get their license plate so perfect for when someone cuts off brake checks etc. For the price i'm happy with this."

Only installed today but work...

Only installed today but working well so far. More than enough cable for a Nissan Pulsar. Clear picture.